Male Butterfly Gargoyle Plaque

A butterfly gargoyle wall plaque, stoneware.

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Gargoyle With Flower

Garden Gargoyle figure holding s flower

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Gargoyle Wall Plaque

A round gargoyle wall plaque

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Studio News

2021-05-18 - Etsy Store

The Etsy shop will be closed for September due to an exciting full month of shows. Hope to see you at one of the events!

2021-01-19 - 2021 Events

I am adding to the 2021 Events page as things move along. Waiting to hear on several events and am looking forward to getting back out to the shows!

2021-01-18 - Thank you

Thank you everyone for stopping by and your interest in my work. Unfortunately I cannot take on any custom orders right now. Please enjoy the gallery here of my previous works and I will be sharing new pieces available soon!

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